Wednesday, January 13, 2016

52 Lists | (2) Greatest Comforts

If you are just catching up, I decided to follow a few of my friends by joining up and posting a list a week! Hopefully this will help me get back to blogging! (Honestly, I have a good post in drafts, just got to finish it!) Anyway, the first list was Words that Touch the Soul. Today's list is about COMFORT.

Week 2 - My Greatest Comforts

what I call "brad-hugs"
encouraging words
my mom
my sister
sweet friends 
a hot bath
a cup of coffee
Brad playing piano 
cozy blankets
cozy PJs
a good book
an encouraging quote or verse
worship music
my bed

P.S. Thought I would add that since I have returned to Facebook (sigh - that didn't last long, did it!?), I have decided not to post my picture-of-the-day here. It is too much to post in all three places (Facebook, Instagram & my blog), and it is much more convenient to just post on social media. If you want to keep seeing them (and many, many more pictures), follow me on instagram! My user name is melpvenable. :)


  1. hahaha... bread is definitely a comfort!!! I miss good bread... warm and soaked with butter. Man... this gluten free things is no fun!!!


  2. That list sounds a lot like my list (including hugs from my favorite man).


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