Wednesday, January 20, 2016

52 Lists | (3) Things I Should Be Proud Of

At first I was a little unsure about today's list. Things I should be proud of? What? I have to tell you that there are a bunch of things that I am NOT proud of. I didn't finish college, and I wish I did. I racked up debt in my twenties because I could not/would not stick to a budget. I tried and failed too many diets, ending up heavier than I ever thought I would. But the more I thought about it, I have some things I should be proud of too. And this post isn't about my failures, it's about my accomplishments. So here we go, in no particular order...

Week 3 - Things I Should Be Proud Of

I have a good job, and have been there almost 3 years now.
I paid off all of my student loans, plus other debt.
I am a photographer.
I started my own photography business.
I/we have a wonderful marriage.
I waited for God's best when it came to my husband.
I kept my commitment to save sex for marriage, even though my husband came along much later than I thought he would!
I auditioned and was cast in a few musicals at Theatre Baton Rouge.
I am a darn good stage manager (if i do say so myself!)(although it's been awhile!).
I have struggled and failed many times with losing weight, but I always get back up and try again.
I have not had a Coca-Cola since December 2014.
I always look for the good in people.
I am compassionate towards others and their struggles.
I/we are good tippers.
I am a loyal friend.
_ _ _ _ _ _

So there you have it, although I have to say that some of these would not have been possible without God's strength & grace!

What things are you proud of? :)


  1. I love your list!
    And I'm enjoying writing my own. They really make me think.

  2. I love this list, and what a fun idea for a series!

  3. This is a great list and all things you should be very proud of!! I'm in the midst of feeling a little down on myself, so maybe I should do this list, too.


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