Sunday, February 14, 2016

Girl's Getaway Weekend

This past fall, while hanging out with three of my girlfriends in Coffee Call, our friend Betsy said she wanted a girl's weekend getaway. The rest of us were quick to agree. I don't know if I had been home an hour that night when Betsy texted us that she found a spot for us in Mandeville, Louisiana at Fontainebleau Campground. We gave our thumbs ups, she booked it, we invited the rest of the young adult girls at our church, and the countdown was on!

It was here before we knew it, and it was such a wonderful much-needed weekend! We stayed at the lodge instead of the cabins, because 2 bathrooms! We had a great time.

I got off work at noon, then made the fatal mistake of stopping in Hobby Lobby just to get one thing real quick. This put us a little behind, as I still hadn't packed yet. Ha! Eventually I got home, packed quickly, and got back on the road. I picked up my friend Sarah at her work, then picked up Becca at her apartment, and then we were on our way.

We got to Mandeville a little after dark, but my goodness, it was pitch black on that campground! I misinterpreted Mandy's text to me and didn't realize I was to pass up the campground, not turn into it. The lady at the gate didn't correct us, so we went on a wild goose chase throughout the campground, looking for a lodge that wasn't there. My text to Mandy said, "Well, we've met an armadillo and a deer, but we can't find our friends!" She was guiding me towards the lodge and said, "If you passed a school, you went too far." I said, "We never saw a school." HA! That is when she decided this wasn't a text conversation, and called me! LOL. It was quite the adventure, but we eventually made it to the lodge.

Betsy had made dinner, and we were all starving! Chili with all the fixings, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert! It was delicious! We chatted for awhile, then watched Pitch Perfect 2. Eventually we went to bed. There were three bedrooms: Mandy & Brandie in one, me & Betsy in the next one, and Becca, Sarah & Jessica in the third one.

I was surprised to find I slept pretty well on the bottom of a set of bunk beds! Sarah made us a delicious breakfast, then we all got dressed and headed out for lunch and shopping!

We had lunch at Liz's Where Ya At diner, which was absolutely DELICIOUS! They have the best food! My sister met us out there since she lives nearby. I loved that she got to meet my friends, and that they got to meet her. So glad I got to see her, too!

After that, we went shopping. Me, Becca, Sarah & Jessica got separated from Betsy, Brandie & Mandy when we parked at a shopping center and guessed they went in Home Goods, when they had actually gone to the Dollar Tree and a bookstore. I LOVE Home Goods, so we spent awhile in there, before leaving and running into Starbucks. We kept heading to the next store the rest of our group was in, but kept missing them! Haha. However, we all ended up back in our cars at the same time, and when Mandy texted that they were heading back to the lodge, we decided we were happy with going back too.

We went back and there was girl talk and lazing around for a few hours! Mandy cooked an amazing dinner - pork tenderloin, rice & gravy, mixed veggies, rolls, and apple pie and ice cream for dessert!

A little while after dinner we had worship and a devotional, both led by Betsy. It was so good, y'all. Just the 7 of us worshiping in that lodge, and then a really good devotional that got a good heart to heart discussion going. As we all went to bed, my heart felt so full.

Sunday morning I provided a quick breakfast, as we had a lot of cleaning and packing to do. Then it was time to head home. Of course, I needed a couple of pics first, especially with all that sun flare! (Maybe too much sun flare, but who cares!)

Becca rode with Jessica so she would have some company (she came up by herself on Friday since she had to work until 7.), so it was just  me and Sarah for the ride home. I got home around 10:30 am, so it was nice to have the rest of the day to unpack, wash clothes, and do nothing. :)

Such a great much-needed weekend! We laughed until we cried, had delicious food, and even got to spend a little time in worship together. I have said it a million times: I am so blessed in friendship. I will never take it for granted.

And one of only two pictures I took with my Canon. :)

 Can't wait for another girl's getaway weekend!


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