Thursday, March 3, 2016

52 Lists | Places I Want to Go

Ooh, the places I would go! There are lots of places on my bucket list. However, we really don't travel that much. I would love to, though... someday! I love to explore, I am curious by nature, and new adventures are exciting to me. I just need some money and time off work. Ha!

List #9 - Places I want to Go

Prince Edward Island, Canada
Savannah, Georgia
North Carolina
South Carolina
New York City (again but longer this time!)
Cozumel (again)
Any of the tropical islands
London, England
the coast of Maine
Seattle, Washington
Monterrey, California
Santa Monica, California (again)
Butler, Pennsylvania (to visit Laura again)
Tonawanda, New York (to visit my friend Rebecca)
Blue Ridge, Georgia (again)
Natchitoches, Louisiana (during the Christmas festival)

There are more... but these are the first to come to mind, and places I have always wanted to visit! :)

What places do you want to visit!?  


  1. I got an idea... instead of you coming here, or me going there... let's meet in Savannah, GA next time. :)

  2. I'll be going to Maine in may!! <3 <3
    and heyyyooo i'm in SC!

  3. You've listed some great ideas! I love anything around the Blue Ridge Mountains and Smokies. Im suppose to go to California for the first time in May and every summer my family travels to the Upper Peninsula Mi. Seriously, check it out!!! It's amazing. My family immigrated from Finland and Poland to the UP. It's so so so beautiful. I still have family there! It's my favorite place in the US to go.

  4. I love that list. I love traveling but all my travel buddies went and got married so now I don't travel at all. Hopefully that'll change soon.


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