Thursday, April 7, 2016

52 Lists | Dream Jobs

For this list, I am supposed to list my childhood & current dream jobs. Well, this shouldn't be too difficult! I'm nothing if not a daydreamer.

List #14 - Dream Jobs

As a child, I had three things I wanted to be when I grew up. I'm not sure how I thought I would have time to do all three of those... whew! But the sky is the limit when you're a kid. :)

{CHILDHOOD dream jobs} 

Today, my dreams are similar. Except, medical school? No, thank you. 

Some of the current dreams are just dreams in my head that will never come to be (either for obvious reasons or because I am 38 and not going back to school or anything like that! It's fun to just dream!). But a few of them could come to pass, and I hope they do! (Especially #1, obviously.)

{CURRENT dream jobs}
-Full-time photographer
-Working actress (without having to audition - haha)
-Casting Director (I have always wanted to do this. Maybe should have pursued it as a career!)
-Professional Stage Manager (I love stage managing... if only I could do it during the day!)
-You know Ellen's assistant person? The girl who gets to travel & tell people Ellen bought them a car or whatever? I would love to do that for Ellen. Or Jimmy Fallon. Speaking of Fallon...
-Jimmy Fallon's assistant. Because he is so funny!
-Humans of New Orleans girl or something like that (copying off of the Humans of NY guy).

P.S. If you do not know what Humans of NY is, you're missing out. Especially if you are a people watcher like myself. He is a photographer in NY and his work is probably my favorite thing to pop up in my newsfeed. I just want to follow him around for a day! (Check out Humans of New York on Facebook or Instagram.)

So there you go!

What are your dreams - realistic or not!?

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  1. I love this!!! I think being an actor without have to audition would definitely be ideal! My favorite "what do you want to be" story is my sister when she was little...she wanted to be "a doctor that cuts people open" during the winter and an ice cream truck lady during the summer!!!!! I still laugh thinking about that. Dream big!! :)


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