Monday, May 2, 2016

Sarah's Laughter Brunch for NIAW

This Saturday, Sarah's Laughter held a brunch for ladies going through infertility. (Sarah's Laughter is the ministry that holds the support group I regularly attend.) We were told we could invite friends or family members who have been a support to us on our journey. It was the last event in a series of events put on for National Infertility Awareness Week. It was wonderful! 


 It was held at Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, Louisiana.


My mom joined me and we had a great time.

It was mostly support group friends, current ones and ones who have graduated.  I made a couple of new friends, too!

So many girls brought their moms, sisters, or friends.

Jenni with her mom, Dianne

Chipley, with her mom and sisters
Patricia with her mom

Holly with her mom and sister
Mary Claire & her mom, Claire

Bridgette (floral top) & Madison (navy dress) with their moms and a cousin (hopefully I got that right!)

Margo with her mom and a whole bunch of her family!
We had brunch which was delicious! We also had a few short speeches. Christina opened in prayer. Sherri read Lavender, a story Beth wrote. (Beth is the heart and soul behind Sarah's Laughter. She is currently in the hospital with her daughter. More on that later.) It was so great having her read that since Beth couldn't be there and was missed very much!

After Sherri spoke, Margo, Mary Claire, and Leah all spoke. They all did an absolutely phenominal job. I was so proud of Margo and Mary Claire! They made me cry!

Sherri | Margo | Mary Claire

Afterwards, we just mingled for awhile, or bid on items for the silent auction to benefit Sarah's Laughter. It was so great being with these friends... support group friends who have been such an important part of my life for the past few years. It was good seeing old support group friends who I haven't seen in awhile too! Beyond blessed to have these women in my life!

Emily & Allison

Me and Mary Claire

Two of my very first support group friends, now both moms to twins. :)

Holly, Margo, Mary Claire & me

Katie, Lauren & Margo

Mary Claire & Patricia

It was a great event! So thankful to those who worked so hard to make it happen. Loved seeing everyone and visiting.

If you are reading this, I want to ask you for prayer for two things. First, look at the women in these pictures. Some of them are on the other side. They have finally received their miracle babies and will be experiencing their very first (or second for some of them) happy mother's day this weekend. But a lot of these women are still experiencing infertility. I know it is hard to imagine that 1 in 8, when you are not one of them, or when you aren't close with any of them. Hopefully looking through these pictures put a face to it. Women going through infertility are suffering. No, we aren't dying. But the Bible says that hope deferred makes the heart sick, and I have found that to be so true. Heartsick is not fun. Grief feels unbearable at times. Infertility is devastating. Please keep these women in your prayers this Mother's Day. Please read this blog post and this one, too.

My other prayer request is that you pray for this family.

Beth, is the founder of Sarah's Laughter. She does SO MUCH for women facing infertility. I would tell you everything, but it would take up many many paragraphs, and that is not the point. Just know that she is an advocate and huge source of support and love for women facing infertility & loss. Her husband is right there with her, always helping with Sarah's Laughter. Their teenage daughter, Lexie, has been sick and in the hospital for more than 20 days now. They do not yet have a diagnosis. Lexie (their miracle child after their own battle with infertility) was in PICU at a local hospital for 17ish days, then last week they moved her to a children's hospital in Texas. Please pray for rest for this family, strength, an accurate diagnosis and treatment, and healing for Lexie. They have been having some really really tough days. They need your prayers. Thank you so much!