Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Current Everything

I know, I know. I never blog anymore. Life is fun and full, there is not much time left to blog! One of these days I will do a real update. But for now, how about a little list?


READING ... Holding onto Hope, by Nancy Guthrie

Y'all. This book was recommended to me by a girl who spoke at our infertility support group last month. She said she read it over and over throughout her years of infertility and loss. A bunch of girls from the group immediately got a copy & started reading. We are going to get together and have a sort of book club to discuss it next week! I am absolutely loving this book. It is really speaking to me, comforting me and at the same time, it is stepping on my toes a bit! Very very good read, and I highly recommend it if you are going through infertility, loss, or any other trial really.

WATCHING ... Awhile back I asked on Facebook for a good show on Netflix. Wow, I don't think I have ever received so many comments on a Facebook status! I added all of the recommendations to my list on Netflix. I don't know if I will ever watch them all, there are so many! I started with Damages. I watched the first two seasons, then moved on to Broadchurch, which was probably the most recommended show. LOVED Broadchurch. There are only two seasons out, so I finished that one pretty quickly. I went back to Damages, and now I am on Season 3. It is really good! Keeps you on your toes. Very suspenseful, somewhat disturbing, and a little bit of back and forth (between past & present). I really like it, though.

TRYING ... to drastically cut sweets, to track everything in my weight watchers app, and to start exercising! I give myself a C, an A, & an F. Must get it together!  

COOKING ... new recipes. Southwestern Chicken Burrito Bowl is a new favorite around here! Delicious! I can't wait to make it again!

EATING ... nothing at the moment.

DRINKING ... water at the moment.

TEXTING ... nobody currently, but most days it is either Mandy, Tricia or Amanda!

PINNING ... dinner recipes, constantly.

ANTICIPATING... meeting Elisha from Waiting for Baby Bird! I am so excited, y'all. Elisha is one of my very favorite bloggers, her heart for encouraging women going through infertility is a beautiful thing. Her writing has encouraged me SO MUCH, I can't even tell you (me and everyone else who enjoys her posts!). Sarah's Laughter (the ministry that holds the support group I go to) is having an infertility workshop, and they asked Elisha to be the guest speaker. OH MY GOSH! I cannot wait to meet her in real life! (If you want to attend this workshop, there is more information here!)

GOING ... to do jury duty next week, for the first time, and I'm a little excited! Is that weird? Haha! I have always wanted to, I have no idea why. At the same time, I hope it doesn't drag on for several days, because I have a family member who is having surgery and I need to be there!

LOVING ... a lot of things lately...

- my sweet husband! Always a given, but he is so sweet & so funny! He makes me laugh every day!

-my parent's pool! Been swimming lately & I LOVE IT.

-Kevin Murphy's Hair Resort! I got a sample from my salon, and pretty sure I will be buying the whole bottle next time. I'm in love with it.

- my new haircut! Although it never looks as cute as this picture (because the pic was taken right when I got home from the salon!) I still just love it. It feels so much better, and I love that if I'm in a hurry, I can just throw some Hair Resort in, and let it dry naturally! Best haircut ever! Thank you, Salon Aerie in Baton Rouge!

THINKING ... that fourth of July weekend was a BLAST - and not long enough!

FEELING ... such a pull to draw nearer to God. He is everything, and He is the only one who can help me through infertility and through a stressful situation at work. The ONLY one. How can I really trust Him if I do not spend more one on one time with Him? This is what is on my mind constantly. He is my rock. I need to spend personal regular time in worship, in reading His word & in prayer. I do these things, but it isn't consistent, and it needs to be.

HOPING ... to lose weight before we begin our next steps in this infertility journey. Next Steps = IVF for us. Yep. Also hoping to have a good team this year for Baby Steps 2016!

LISTENING ... to a lot of Kari Jobe and Lauren Daigle lately. Also, the Sarah's Laughter podcasts! They are great! Just listened to the current one this morning. They are interviews with current and past members of the infertility support group I have been attending the last few years. (I recorded one with my friend Mary Claire! Probably will be up in a few weeks!)
CELEBRATING ... Independence Day! ... yesterday. :)

ORDERING ... I ordered a photo book of my 2015 Project 365! I took a picture a day last year, and each day, I posted my pic-of-the-day in an album on Facebook. Well, I ordered a book of all 365 pics! Pretty excited for it to come in! I actually am posting them on Instagram this year (as well as Facebook), so that I can possibly order a chatbook next year. Has anyone ordered chatbooks?! Thoughts?

THANKING ... God for blessing me with so many true friendships. FOR REAL.


CONSIDERING ... Getting an Emily Ley planner for next year. Deep, right? I just love the new designs! Especially the floral one!

STARTING ... to get tan? Maybe? If I keep on swimming, it could happen!

FINISHING ... this post so I can get going! Bye for now!

What are you up to these days?!


  1. First, your hair looks fabulous in that pic! Also, your happiness and hope shine through every sentence of this post. What a wonderful attitude heading into your first IVF cycle and all the other decisions that will need to be made.

  2. I wanted to start this comment with "can I ask?" but then realized you know, you'd have to email me back, and then I'd have to email you back... so I'm just going to ask and you don't have to answer.

    Is everyone in your infertility support group trying to carry their babies, or are there couples who are looking to adopt too? Pat and I have recently learned he doesn't have baby-making powers anymore, and I've been thinking of you a lot in the emotions that have come up with that -- obviously we are two totally different people in different situations, but it's tough, and... anyway. In your group, is everyone trying to carry their baby, or is it for adopters too?

    1. The short answer is, ABSOLUTELY! :) We have a few girls who have adopted & are now considered graduates of our group. And we have a few going through the adoption process now. Wanted to put that here for any other readers. I emailed you too! :)

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