About Me

Hey, y'all!

My name is Melissa, but you can call me Mel.

I am married to the sweetest cutest kindest man! He is my best friend & I am so thankful that he is the one i get to call my husband.

Although we both spend a lot of time in cubicles to make a living, we are artists at heart. He is a musician, who loves to compose and orchestrate music. My passion is in the theatre, in acting and stage managing. We are parents to an adorable goofy dog named Fievel.

Things that i love: Coffee, cute coffee mugs, sending & receiving snail mail, our church, singing, spending time with family, time with girlfriends, dogs of all kinds, Saturday mornings, chocolate (especially the M&M kind or the dove-with-caramel kind), photography!, theater, reading, games (Apples to Apples, Phase 10, bananagrams), holidays, mexican food, and, well, blogging!

My biggest passion right now is photography. I am not a professional, but i am learning & loving it! You are welcome to follow my facebook photography page here!

our little family 
October 2013