Our Love Story

If you know me well, you know that i am a bigtime advocate for true love. Yep, I am one of those silly hopeless romantics who believes in soul mates, fairy tales & happily ever afters. I also recognize & understand that many people haven't found their soul mate yet. Many have had their heart broken one too many times & no longer believe in true love. Others have not had anyone...they've waited for the right person for years & have begun to wonder if God has forgotten about them. If that is you, I completely understand, because that was me, too. So it is my prayer that God will give you so much peace & joy while you are waiting to meet the person God has for you.

As for me, well. I was SINGLE with a capital S! Brad was my first boyfriend when I was 19 years old, but he broke up with me and that was that. I was single - TOTALLY SINGLE - for the next 11 years. While all my friends were getting engaged & married, I was alone. And I was really beginning to think that God was not at all concerned that I was going to die an old maid! But in December of 2007, one little text message changed everything. :)

Our love story is written on this blog in four parts (it's kind of a long story!).
Please feel free to read them all!

Part 1 - first love
Part 2 - the lonely years
Part 3 - a text message
Part 4 - he's the one

We just celebrated 6 years of marriage, and I can honestly tell you that we are still just as happy & in love today as we were the day we said "I do". Yes, there are hard times. Infertility & miscarriage is possibly one of the hardest things you can face as a couple. But there is nobody I would rather have by my side than Brad. I am so thankful that he is my husband!

Here are some posts where i shared my thoughts on love & marriage...

Or check out some pics from our first days as husband & wife!