Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I Did This Thing! (Sarah's Laughter stuff)

I feel like I have so much to share that is going on in the Sarah's Laughter world!
Some of my Sarah's Laughter girls!

For those who don't know what Sarah's Laughter is (& I am guessing since I am extremely vocal about infertility/support group/Sarah's Laughter, that this would only be people who accidentally find this post by googling something!), Sarah's Laughter is a ministry that helps women (& men!) who are going through infertility, or facing miscarriage or infant loss.

So let's get right to it.

First of all, I DID A PODCAST! What? Do you listen to podcasts? I didn't either until Sarah's Laughter started recording them. A bunch of current & past members of Sarah's Laughter support group recorded one to share their story & they have been releasing them on Mondays.  They are so good & worth listening to whether you are going through infertility yourself or know someone going through it and want to understand their situation better.

My friend, Mary Claire, asked me told me we were going to record a podcast together. Beth and Jason had already begun recording them, and I wasn't even considering volunteering myself. I thought it would be one of those things that makes me nervous, like an audition or an interview. But Mary Claire sweetly insisted. And she really didn't have to twist my arm. I thought at least it wouldn't be by myself. We would be doing one together! We did it and it was so much fun!

Me, Mary Claire & Beth, ready to go!

Mary Claire was my first support group friend. We met at an infertility workshop (put on by Sarah's Laughter) in 2013 & started attending group after that. We were instant friends, close friends, I basically felt like someone had cut off my right arm if I was at a meeting that she couldn't make. But usually we were both there. We hit it off, and she is one of the reasons I am thankful for infertility. She is my soul sister & my worship buddy. After going to group together for almost two years, Mary Claire conceived twins. Our podcast is about how our friendship remained strong after she "graduated" from group while I continued to struggle with infertility.

You can download our podcast here, and all of the other posts that have been recorded so far are there also!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  

Let's see, what else? Well. Sarah's Laughter is putting on an infertility workshop in a month, and GUESS WHO THE GUEST SPEAKER IS??? (Sorry to shout.) It is Elisha from Waiting for Baby Bird. Yes, I'm serious. Some of you are wishing you could attend, some of you are wondering who that is, which is shocking to me, because she is basically a celebrity. But anyway... if you are going through infertility, go to her blog, or go to her facebook, because she basically spews out loving, encouraging, powerful words all day long. I am so thankful for this girl who I have never met BUT WILL GET TO MEET IN A MONTH! (Again, sorry to shout. I'm just excited!)

I also just realized I say "basically" a lot. Ha!

 Pssst. You can come too. Sign up here and come down to Louisiana! :)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

I guess the last thing is that Baby Steps is coming up. That is the 5k I participated in last year and the year before. It is a WONDERFUL event that helps raise infertility awareness, and honestly we have felt SO supported in our journey on that day. 

First Baby Steps 5k - 2014

2nd Annual Baby Steps - 2015
I haven't set up my team yet, but there are a few changes for this year's Baby Steps. I wanted to give you a heads up! First of all, it will be in Gonzales, not Baton Rouge. I really hope this doesn't keep you from joining us! It will be held at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center, mainly because there is a covered area in case of a downpour (so we aren't all huddled under someone's tent we don't even know, like last year!). Another difference is that it is a 1 mile Fun Run, not a 5k. And no, you do NOT have to run. Most people don't, honestly. I sure won't be. Haha!

The other main difference is that this year we really do want to win the $10,000 grant for fertility treatments or the IVF giveaway (assuming that is still one of the prizes; it hasn't been announced yet). That's not to say we didn't want to win last year or the year before, but at those events I was not thinking IVF would be our path. I thought if we won, then we would take it as a sign! I truly felt God would choose the right winners and I know He did. This year, I still will be fine with whoever wins. God is in control, and He will bless the person that He sees fit! However, since IVF *IS* our path now, I would be thrilled to win. God will pick the winner, but I would love for it to be us. :) This year, it is our plan, and we are moving forward, and to win would be a huge blessing! So if you want to come... I will be sharing more details later. It is November 12th, so mark your calendars! 

I guess that's it for now, but I do have a lot on my mind that I have been wanting to share! Stay tuned!

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