Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: 2013 edition.

Time for a new year, y'all. 

I always say November 14th starts my favorite time of the year. That is our anniversary, then suddenly it's the most wonderful time of the year - Thanksgiving & Christmas! 

But I am always ready when December 25th passes, and then the 26th & 27th... suddenly i am just ITCHING for the new year to start. 2013. Unlucky number?! I don't think so! I am thinking it's going to be a year full of love, peace & joy!

I am excited to see what is in store for 2013. I am excited to see what all takes place. Even though 2012 did not grant me my two biggest wishes (which would be for a house & a baby, if you didn't know), I still had a very blessed year. We were given a new church home, and with that came some new incredible friendships. I grew in my relationship with God. I got closer to certain friends & family members. We finally paid off my student loans (praise the Lord!). I also finally made a significant breakthrough when it comes to breaking free of addiction (to sugar. yes, it's a problem!).

But am I ready for a new year? You betcha. Always!
So, I didn't do too bad with my 2012 resolutions. But i am excited to set new goals for 2013.

I have added updates throughout the year - they are in RED. 

  •  Grow in my relationship with God. Trust Him completely. Give Him my ALL. Allow Him to set me free in every area of my life!
  • Continue being an involved member of Covenant Community Church. 
  • Build & grow in new friendships with my new church family.
  • Give cheerfully & wisely of my time & money there.
  • Continue to minister with song with the praise team. 
  • Spend time praying &/or reading the Bible. DAILY.
  • Participate in a Bible Study - either online or in person or both. 
  • Continue to omit sweets/desserts & bad carbs from my diet, and to allow starches only occasionally & in moderation. 
  • EXERCISE! This is something I love to do but have failed miserably in the middle to end of 2012. Must get back to it. My ultimate goal is to exercise at least 4 times a week. 3 is acceptable on very busy weeks!  
  • Take workout classes again, such as Zumba or Bootcamp.
  • Give cheerfully.
  • Do a random act of kindness/pay it forward act at least once a month!
    • January - $20 tip to waitress at Outback Steakhouse
  • Save for a car & to pay off our mortgage.
  • Stay within the budget! Do not blow all my spending money on food! 

  • Take at least two photography classes - either online or in person or both. 
    • Starting first class January 10th!
  • Participate in photography blog hops. 
  • Learn all I can about photography & practice, practice, practice! 
  • Create photo books for 2009, 2010 & 2011. (I am almost done with 2012 & i did it over the last few days, so SURELY i can do these others in a whole year, right?!)
  • Read all unread books on my bookshelves before buying any new ones.
    • Currently reading Breaking Free 01/07/13.
  • Clean the house thoroughly at least once per month!
  • Paint kitchen table or buy a new one. 
  •  Find curtains that will work on the doors to our trailer. (I will post about this later so you will understand!) 
  • Buy or make a mail organizer and hang it up! No stacks of mail all over the place! (This kind of makes me INSANE. I will need hubby's cooperation with this. :))
  • Organize cabinets above our washer/dryer. 

So here are some things that I would LIKE to happen, but that are not resolutions simply because they might be too high for me to attain this year. Haha. 
(1) Take a photo-a-day. 
(2) Organize/clean out our extra room. 
(3) Paint the shutters on our trailer. They need it.
(4) Tear down our stupid built-in entertainment center & buy a new one. (Hubby might not like this goal. But i hate it. It's dumb. I may do a post on it one day to show you. :))

And that's it! I know it's a lot, and I'm okay with that. I didn't do too bad last year, and i made just as many. Here's to a fantastic 2012! Whatever your goals are... as long as you set realistic & specific ones... You can do it! :)

{HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends!}

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