Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 RECAP: Part Two

Continuing my 2012 recap! The first 6 months are recapped here!

In July, I went to a church ladies tea! It was my first thing to go to at our new church outside of Sunday mornings, and it was a lot of fun. I took one of my favorite pics of my mom, with Gayle, our church secretary, who is a hoot! I also witnessed a scene that came straight out of Law & Order....except it was real life.

August was a crazy month!! I finally got to meet Baby Izaac, my beautiful friend Natalie got engaged via flash mob!!!, my beautiful friend Rachel got married (pictured above), I got stuck in traffic so bad that i nearly peed my pants (for real), oh, and Hurricane Isaac came for a visit. P.S. Just realized I never posted Natalie's actual engagement video b/c only the rehearsal was available at that time. So click the link & watch - it is AWESOME!)

 In September, i worked backstage for ASSASSINS, which was an amazing experience. I wrote a post about what God says, and I co-hosted a very successful shower for one of my besties!

 In October, my sweet mother-in-law retired, our church was thrilled to welcome new youth pastors Andy & Ashley (pictured above with our pastor & his wife), I wrote a post about God's Love, we had a lot of fun at the family reunion & we FINALLY went on a zoo date after 4 years of living RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from one!

 In November, we had fall pictures made, our "Billy & Mandy obsession" continued :), our dear friends Becca & Michael got married, I finally met my cousin's twin babies, and we celebrated four years of marriage at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo!

& last but not least, 

In December, I was heartbroken to hear about what happened in Newtown, CT, I went Christmas shopping with my mom & sister, I ran sound for our theater's production of A Christmas Carol, we started a new tradition, and we had a wonderful Christmas.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Wow! It has been fun looking back & remembering things I had forgotten all about! How was your year? Overall, 2012 has been a great one for me. I am mainly thinking of finding our new church & making some new wonderful lifelong friendships. I am excited to see what is in store for 2013, though... I always love a new year. :) 

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