Friday, January 1, 2010

Amanda & Matt: engaged!

My very good friend Amanda got engaged last night! I am so super excited for her!!! Amanda & I have been good friends for several years now. We were roomies at one time as well. She has been a sweet wonderful friend & i just love her like crazy!!

In April, Amanda moved to California to be nearer to her boyfriend, Matt, who had moved there earlier when he got a job with Google. I cannot imagine having to be in a long distance relationship & i know it was not easy! She waited until she got a job in her field there (nursing) & when she did, she went! She seems to love life in Cali (who wouldn't!?) & she has made lots of great friends (of course she did!). The only thing missing?! An engagement ring!

Amanda & Matt are in town now visiting family for the holidays. I just had dinner with her the other night (as you know from a recent post) & i left thinking, "he has got to propose while she is in town!" Sure enough - New Year's Eve night I got a text. I saw it was from her & for some reason expected a "Happy New Year!". Instead it said, "We are ENGAGED!" I was so happy! & i still am! Amanda & Matt are a sweet couple & they deserve the best! I know they are going to LOVE married life!

Congrats, Amanda & Matt!


  1. Yay!! I'm soo excited! Thanks for blogging on me..I feel SPECIAL :) You rock Mel! Love you girl!

  2. Congrats to your sweet friends! I wish them much happiness as they begin to plan their lives together!! So exciting!


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